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Warlocks, Elves and Weres

A/N: This random plotbunny literally wouldn’t leave me alone. It served no purpose, but it wanted out and DieLadi told me to upload it. So please enjoy what my brain cooked up.


Kyoto, 1868



A sound somewhere between a groan and a scream echoed through the night. Long, loud and unmistakable the expression of incredible pain.

Shortly thereafter the bright crying of an infant sounded, which sounded almost like a little kitten.




A few hours later, monks found a baby on the threshold of Kiyomizudera Temple. Instead of bringing it to an orphanage as usual, the monks kept the little girl in the temple, leaving the miko to raise it.




Kyoto, 1872


„Aoi-chan? Aoi-chan, where are you? “

A bell-clear laugh escaped the little girl’s lips. Her wooden sandals clattered across the floor as she ran away from her governess to hide.

She crawled into a dark corner below the shrine and it happened for the first time. The glamor she had worn since her birth failed. Her lavender hair released the sight of two lavender colored cat ears, her pupils turned from human to cats and the colour of her eyes changed from bright blue into a tricolored tone. Sky blue, ocean blue and the dark blue of the night sky swirled around the pupil. A lavender cat tail wove its way through the child sized yukata Aoi wore and small cat like fangs formed in her mouth.

When her governess found her, she did not scream. Instead she smiled. “Finally you show yourself, little warlock.”, she whispered and gathered Aoi into her arms. “I have to take you away from here. The monks and miko would not understand, if they saw you like this. But I know someone, who will help.”

While she walked away from the temple in a swift march, she smoothed the lavender hair back, gently stroking behind one of the little cat ears. A brighter smile lit her face, when Aoi started to purr like a little kitten.

Once a safe distance away from human occupancy the governess called out the name of another warlock.

“Magnus? Magnus Bane!”

A blue portal opened and out stepped a man of indian descent with amber coloured cats eyes and clothed in a colourful yukata. His slender brows arched, when he saw, who had called him.

“She finally showed her marks … look … isn’t she precious?”, the governess asked, before handing the little cat girl over to the warlock.

Strong arms curled around Aois body and her tricolored blue eyes blinked open lazily. She gave a questioning purr and tilted her head to the side, earnestly studying the man that held her. She started to smile, showing of her little fangs, when she saw his amber glowing cat eyes .

This man was safe, she knew. He was the one she had been waiting for. Her magic rose and gently wrapped itself around her and Magnus. “Papa told me to wait for you. That you would come and keep me safe.”, she whispered.

“And pray tell, who is your father, little one?”, Magnus asked, although he could feel the answer in Aoi’s magic.

Aoi blinked and her eyes turned towards her governess, who shied away from both warlocks. “Prince Asmodeus … Papa is ‘n angel … an’ a d’vil”, Aoi mumbled, before she yawned, baring her little fangs.

The governess stared at them with a wide eyed look. She started to run away, when Magnus’ magic froze her in place and he wiped her memory, before stepping swiftly through the portal with Aoi in his arms.

London, 1903

“Magnus, please … let me go back to Kyoto. I’m 35 … old enough to maintain my glamour on my own.”, Aoi begged. In fact she knelt in front of her brother, her arms stretched out in front of her and her brow touching the ground.

“No, Aoi-chan … darling … you are way too young to be out there on your own.”, Magnus said, shaking his head.

“But I only want to learn about the ways of the hunters over there. You know their enclave is hidden in Kiyomizudera Temple … I was born there … my mother was one of their hunters. It is my birthright to be trained.”, Aoi argued her case.

Magnus sighed. “I know you are half Shadowhunter, half Demon, but still … you are so young … you’ve barely come into your magic, although your control is extraordinary. I just want to keep you safe, kitten”

“I know, Maggie, I know … but I can’t stay the little child by your side any longer. I would love to … but I need to stand on my own feet. And you know I’m just a portal away.”

Gently Magnus lifted her into his arms. He held her close and kissed her brow. “Okay, darling, okay … just please … stay safe. When the downworlders find out you started to embrace your other side they will … it might not be pretty.”, he whispered.

Aoi studied him for a moment, before gently kissing him on the lips. “Thank you, aniki.”, she whispered.

Brooklyn, 1935


“You really want to be Parabatai?”, Aoi asked her trainings partner James Buchanan Barnes, who was mostly called Bucky.

Bucky nodded. “If it’s you … yes, Aoi. I don’t care about you being a warlock. I trust you.”

“Okay. Tomorrow we will do it … no regrets.”, Aoi said softly. While the parabatai had to be bound in childhood, before they reached their 19 year, Aoi was exempt from this rule due to her heritage. She wasn’t an adult warlock yet, which she would be, when she reached her 100th birthday, but she was only 67 … a mere teen, just like Bucky.

The next morning dawned and Bucky and Aoi stood before the council, prepared to exchange the vows and the runes. The three rings of fire leapt to life around them.

Aois magic calling them out, before the Silent Brothers could do it. She locked her gaze with Bucky’s, a soft smile on her face. They started to speak the vow, while both tugging out their favorite knife.

“Entreat me not to leave thee,

Or return from following after thee—

For whither thou goest, I will go,

And where thou lodgest, I will lodge.

Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.

Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried.

The Angel do so to me, and more also,

If aught but death part thee and me.”

They would bind themselves in both the old and new way. First the exchanged blood and afterwards they inscribed the parabatai rune right over the heart of their partner.

The bond snapped into place and the fire died down. Bucky hugged Aoi tight and poked her into the side.

“Wanna go out for a drink, parabatai? My treat, doll.”, he said.

Aoi nodded. “Sure.”

When she stepped into the loft in the evening Magnus was waiting for her. “You really bound yourself to him, even though you know, what will happen to him?”, he asked her.

Aoi sighed. “I want to give him a fighting chance. You know without me, he will be dead inside the next ten years.”

“And with the bond in place you will be diminished, once HYDRA gets their claws into him. You know that. He will draw on your strength.”, Magnus said.

“Too late, Magnus. I won’t break the bond. Even if it kills me.”

Kyoto, 1945

“I’m glad you stayed even through the war … your wards were tremendously helpful.”, the Hunter in charge of the Kyoto Institute told her.

Aoi simply nodded. “No problem. But it’s time I go back to New York. It’s my home and I received all the training I could possibly get.”, she said. Ignoring the pain in her heart. Bucky was drawing on her again. He was in great pain.

“You will be missed, Aoi.”, he whispered. A tender smile graced his lips. He shed the HIC-skin and stepped up to her. “I will miss you, darling.”

Aoi stepped into his embrace and leaned against his chest. “I know, Kenji. I will miss you too, but it’s time. Your time is near … we both know it. The Angel is waiting for you. It is only my presence that’s keeping you here. And I can’t interfere anymore, Kenji. I gave you as many years as I could, love.”, she whispered against his lips, kissing him one last time.

A heartbeat later she stepped back, smiled with tears in her eyes and turned, opening a lavender coloured portal back home. “I love you, Kenji”, she whispered while stepping through.

New York, 1946

The wards of the loft pinged her, telling her someone had stepped through. Someone from the New York Institute. With a soft sigh she glamoured herself, only leaving her kitten fangs.

She stepped out of the door. “Can I help you, Shadowhunter?”, she asked. Aoi did not want to allow anyone into the loft. It was her and Magnus’ safe haven.

“I was send to deliver a message, Warlock.”, he said derisively.

Her brow rose and she grabbed her stele, lighting up her hunter runes. “I thought Shadowhunters all around the world knew about me. I am one of you, Idiot. But please, deliver your message.”

He choked on his breath for a couple of seconds, before telling her Himura Kenji, the leader of the Kyoto Institute had passed on and he left her his Sakabatō. The hunter held out the beautifully wrapped weapon.

Aoi took it reverently.

“I don’t know, why he gave you this useless weapon.”, the hunter grunted.

Aoi shot him an angry look. “It’s a family heirloom. This sword belonged to Himura Kenshin, one of the heroes behind the Meiji restoration. And the one who gave Kenshin this sword, was my uncle.”, she answered, even though she didn’t have to.

He simply nodded and turned away. Just before he crossed the wards, Aoi addressed him again.

“Thank you for bringing it back to me.”

New York, 1977

“Honey I’m home~”

Aoi had lain lazily in the sun, soaking up the warmth and simply enjoying her more cat like tendencies after a long day of training. When the call sounded through her home, she perked up.

Magnus had been away for far too long. She ran towards him and jumped into his arms, burying her face into his neck.

“Oh I missed you too, my darling Aoi”, he whispered.

Soft mewling kitten cries alerted him to Aois tears and he hugged her tighter, holding her, while regretting leaving her alone for so long. He had missed her during his travels, but he had made her stay.

“I’m okay, sweetheart. Nothing bad happened.”

New York, 1993

“Magnus … don’t.”

“Who the hell are you and what gives you the right to interfere with Shadowhunters business?”, the woman, Jocelyn Fairchild Aoi reminded herself, angrily called out.

Aois runes lit up despite herself and she could see the woman tremble in her shoes. She was going for her seraph blade, but Aoi was faster and plucked it out of her hand.

“You should know better to step into the home of a warlock and pull a weapon. I could kill you for this breach of the accords and be done with it …”, Aoi held up her hand, when Magnus wanted to interfere, “but I won’t. You have a child with you. A child, which you want to cripple for life.”

Said child, Clary short for Clarissa, looked up and stared with wide eyes at her mother.

“That’s none of your business.”, she argued.

“Oh … but it will be my business in the future, Jocelyn Fairchild … and it will be bad business, so I guess, I will prevent you being stupid.”, Aoi said and stepped towards the desk, took a pen and wrote something down.

“Here. Take this and I will accompany to your home. We will pack up and I will portal you to Kyoto. Stay in the Kyoto Institute. Train your daughter as is her right. Come back to New York in Mai 2006, not a moment earlier.”, Aoi said.


Brooklyn, New York, 1997

Aoi lounged in a spot of sun like the lazy cat she was. Magnus sat beside her and gently stroked her long hair, making her purr contently.

“You sure you want to attend a Halloween party with mundies?”, Magnus asked her.

Tricolored blue eyes fixed on him and Aoi smiled. “Sure. Why wouldn’t I ? It’s the only day in the year I can go out without wearing any glamour and no one the wiser.”, Aoi answered him and stretched.

“Hmm … I would like it better, if you attended our party here.”, Magnus said.

“I know … but … I want to meet people … not necessarily downworlders … just people … and you know the Shadowhunters will leave me alone as long as I play by the rules.”

“Okay, okay … but please take care.”

“Of course, brother of mine. But you do know father said, I would meet my mate this Samhain and I got this invitation and I have a feeling, I should go.”, Aoi said softly.

Hours later Aoi wound her way through the crowd in one of the more exclusive clubs down in Manhattan. Her body bopped to the beat of the music, her tail lazily wound around her wrist.

Every now and then it twitched a bit and she had to concentrate to hold it still. She leaned against the bar and ordered a cocktail. The bartender asked for her ID, because they wouldn’t serve teenagers and she willingly showed him.

When the Strawberry Daiquiri landed in front of her, she immediately took a sip, before turning around to watch the crowd.

“Nice costume, Kitty Cat”, a warm male voice purred into her ear, making Aoi shiver. She flicked a gaze to the side, taking him in with all her senses.

The man beside her was tall, limber, yet strong. His hair was glamoured to a platinum blonde and to be really long and his eyes blue grey. His smile was soft and he wore twinblades of elven made silver on his back along with a bow and a quiver.

“Right back at you, Legolas”, Aoi purred, turning towards him. She took another sip and waited, what he would do.

“Care for a dance?”, he asked her.

She flashed her tiny fangs and nodded. “Sure”

When he took her hand to kiss it’s back, she let her claws slip out without hurting him.

“Nice trick”, he whispered into her ear, kissing her neck right underneath it.

Well, he would learn soon enough it wasn’t a trick.

Aoi purred like a kitten and let herself be led out onto the dance floor. Soon enough her body was flowing with the crowd and especially the man in front of her.

His hands wandered across her body and her tail wound itself around his wrist, stopping his hand from wandering where it didn’t belong yet. Aoi smiled softly.

“So, Legolas … you got a name?”, she asked him softly, barely audible across the music.

“Clinton Francis Barton … but Clint is fine.”, he answered. “What about you, darling?”

She turned, putting her back against his strong chest, while dancing. “My name’s Aoi Bane.”, she told him.

He blinked. “Bane?”, he asked. “As in Magnus Banes sister … the Warlock that became a hunter?”

Aoi grinned. So he knew her brother and had the second sight at least. “Perhaps?”, she teased with a soft giggle. Her hands trailed along his arm and gently touched the runemark on his neck. “Will that be a problem, Shadowhunter?”

With those words she let him know, she had recognized what he was, but that she did not care. They were mingling with mundanes and as such they had to adhere to the accords even more strictly.

He shook his head with a small smile. “No problem, darling.”, he said and simply enjoyed the dance.

“Do you want to accompany me to another party?”, Aoi asked Clint a couple of hours later.

“That depends on the party, little one.”, Clint answered her, while kissing her neck and holding her against the wall.

Aoi smiled. “Well … let’s head over to Brooklyn … there’s a much better party going on. One where no one has to hide.”, she said.

Clint stopped his soft ministrations. “Your brothers party?”, he wanted to know.

“We could have a party of our own … just pass through his.”, she answered.

“You sure he will let me past the wards?”, Clint asked.

“Well … the wards on our home were not only cast by him. So they will let you through. Although you should perhaps leave your weapons outside. They could make the other guests antsy.”, Aoi grinned. “And it should be enough that I make them antsy.”

Clint shook his head. “Okay, okay … and I probably should lose the glamour. The elves don’t like it, when I pose as one of them.”

Aoi smiled. “Even though you are half elven, Legolas?” She could smell his ancestry.

“Well … you know how they are …” Clint shrugged.

Half an hour later they stepped out of a portal near Aois home. Aois fingers softly clenched against Clint’s. “Come on … we’ll take the back door and put our weapons away, before entering.”, she said and stepped up to the door.

Her hand pressed up against the wood and she felt the wards gave way for her. “Come on, sweetheart.”, Aoi said, holding her hand out to him and bringing him through the wards.

“Put your weapons into the rack next to mine.”, she whispered after shutting the door behind them.

Slightly reluctant Clint pulled out an assortment of weapons and put them into the rack. He felt naked without his weapons.

Aoi closed the rack and put a spell on it to prevent anyone from touching their weaponry. Afterwards she handed Clint one of the daggers she always wore. One swish of her stele and Clints glamour was wiped away.

“Thank you”, Clint whispered.

Aoi grinned softly. “Think nothing of it, Clint. I just want you to feel safe.”, she said and stepped towards him.

“Won’t you dispel your glamour?”, Clint asked.

A wicked smile showed up on Aois face. “I don’t wear one today.”, she purred and rubbed herself against Clints chest like a kitten.

“So these are your marks?”, Clint asked and gently stroked her cats ears, making her purr contently.

Aois tail wound itself around Clints wrist, stroking it. Her cats eyes twinkled in the soft light and she showed her kitten teeth. “Come on, sweety … I’ll show you the rest.”, she whispered and gently pulled him towards her rooms.

They were stepping up on the stairway, when Magnus called out to them. “Really, imoto-chan … you bring an halfbreed hunter into our home? Is one not really enough on Samhain?”

Instantly Aoi jumped back down the stairs and put her brother up against the wall by his throat. “So what? We do not intend to be part of the celebrations, my darling brother. I will ward my rooms and no one will be able to step in.”, she said.

Blue and amber cat eyes communicated, while Clint stood about halfway up the stairs.

“Okay, little one. It seems to me, you have everything under control.” He looked at Clint with a clear warning in his eyes. To mess with the warlocks little sister would mean war.

Clint nodded and held out his hand towards Aoi. Aoi put her hand in his, letting him feel the soft pads of her more catlike attributes.

He smiled and tucked Aoi against his side, enjoying her soft purr. A moment later they stepped into Aois rooms and he felt wards rise.

“Woah … you planning to make this place Fort Knox?”, he asked.

Aoi giggled. “It’s better … believe me. I know Raphael is down there and he can be even more overprotective than my beloved brother.”, she said, before leading him towards her bedroom.

Kyoto, 2000

“You sure you want to marry him?”, Magnus asked, while helping Aoi into her wedding kimono.

Aoi smiled. “Yes, Magnus. I do want to marry him. He is a good man and I need him by my side, when the Winter Soldier surfaces. I’m tired of hunting alone and since we’re too old to become parabatai and I’m bonded to Bucky, I need another way to prevent the council from sending my best chance at rescuing Bucky away.”, she answered, before turning around, facing her brother. “Besides … I love him. I love his stupid ass jokes, his eyes, his strong arms. He is IT … you know that. We saw it together in the vision.”

“Okay … I won’t stop you. It’s just hard to trust someone else with your care, Aoi.”, Magnus told her.

“Oh, you don’t have to stop that, you know. I love being in your care, brother of mine.”, Aoi said grinning.

New York, 2008


“Hey, kitten. I missed you”

Clints arms wound themselves around Aois middle, pulling her against him. Their lips met in a soft kiss, which turned downright dirty until someone huffed and Aoi realized they weren’t alone.

A soft sigh escaped Aoi and she carefully extracted herself from Clints embrace, bracing herself for whatever may come her way, when she turned.

“You never told me, you had a significant other.”, a red haired female said.

“Significant other?”, Aoi asked, her eyebrow raised in question. Her eyes flicked to Clint.

“More like my wife, Natasha. Aoi … this is my team partner. Natasha Romanoff.”, Clint introduced them.

“They partnered you with the Black Widow? Really? They do know who I am, right?”, Aoi said, her eyes blazing, even though her glamour held.

“No, they don’t, darling.”

A second later Aoi had backed Natasha against the wall, a wickedly sharp blade against her throat. “So, let me be very clear, so there will be no misunderstandings in the future, Miss Romanoff. Anything happens to Clint and I will take my pound of flesh, he dies, you die. Have I made myself clear?”

“Crystal.”, Natasha muttered, careful not to move.

“Good. Would you like a glass of wine with the spaghetti?”, Aoi asked, the knife vanished back to its hiding place. She was behaving as if she hadn’t threatened one of the most feared assassins in the world.

Clint simply shook his head, dropped a kiss against her temple. He loved how protective his wife was.

New York, 2009

“Hnnngh … I will kill him, if he shows his face”, Aoi growled.

“Shhh … breathe … you’ll be okay, darling.”, Clint said softly, stroking his wife’s hair, while holding her hand. He tried to coach her through the contractions, but he wasn’t successful.

“Oh … this is all fine … ahnngh … and dandy … if my … fucking … parabatai … uhnngh … wouldn’t be … beaten up … right now”, she panted.

“Parabatai? You’ve got a parabatai?”, Clint asked, but Aoi started screaming again and then the nurse praised her for doing so good. A few seconds later a squealing, bloody infant lay on her heaving chest.

Aoi was staring at the ceiling for a few moments, trying to catch her breath. Her eyes showed the pain she was in, but after a moment she concentrated on the present and caught sight of her firstborn.

“Angel … he’s beautiful”, she whispered and gently touched the sandy coloured hair, rubbed the little tykes back.

Clint nodded. “Just like his momma.”, he said.

“I need a name for the little one.”, the nurse interrupted them a few minutes later.

Aoi turned to look at her. “Cooper James Barton.”, she answered with a smile.

Clint blinked. He hadn’t thought Aoi would choose one of his propositions.

“James?”, he asked her softly.

Aoi touched her parabatai rune. “My parabatai.”, she answered softly.

New York, 2012

“Mum? Can we visit with papa?”, Cooper asked softly.

“Sure, little one.”, she said and scooped him up into her arms. With a careless wave of her hand she was dressed in skinny jeans, one of Clints t-shirts and combat boots. Her battle armour lay beneath it under her clothes.

Her electrum whip was wrapped around her wrist like jewelry and her usual arsenal of knives, Katana and seraph blades secreted away in dimensional pockets.

With Cooper sitting on her hip, she opened a portal and stepped out into an alley near Stark tower. She walked up to the entrance of the tower, shoving the door open and was greeted with a gun in the face.

Cooper slipped from her grip and stepped behind his mom, while Aoi grabbed the weapon and turned it in it’s owners grip.

“Are you fucking nuts to shove a gun into the face of a four year old?”, she growled and backhanded the man hard enough he lost consciousness, before stepping up to the reception desk.

“My name is Aoi Barton and I’m here to visit my husband Clint Barton. He lives here in the tower at the moment.”, she told the woman behind the desk. She was shaking in her boots and Aoi sighed.

‘Should have portaled directly to Clint. Consequences be damned.’, she thought, when a bodyless voice adressed her.

“Miss Barton. Please take the elevator on the left. I’ll take you to Agent Barton.”

Aoi scooped Cooper back up and stepped into the elevator. Leaning against the railing she took a deep breath.

“Mum? Why was there a bad man where papa lives?”, Cooper asked.

“I don’t know, little one, but I intend to find out.”, Aoi told her son.

The elevator stopped.

“If you step through you will find the Avengers in their common area.”, the bodyless voice told her.

“Thank you. Uhm … are you perhaps JARVIS?”, Aoi wanted to know, remembering Clint telling her about Starks AI when he had been home a couple of weeks ago.

“Indeed, Misses Barton.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“The pleasure is mine.”

Aoi stepped out of the lift and almost instantly all eyes were on her. She had the distinct feeling JARVIS had not announced her arrival. Rolling her eyes, she let go of her squirming son.

“Just who are you? And why are you here?”, a giant of a man with blond hair asked her.

Aoi ignored him, stepped towards the vents she spotted in the ceiling and jumped up, sliding the grid to the side, before slipping in. “Hey darling.”, she purred and greeted her husband with a kiss, while pulling him from the vents.

“The fuck? How?”, another man asked.

Clint grinned at her. “I would be disappointed, if she hadn’t found me.”, he said and slinging his arm around her shoulder, kissing her temple. “Guys, this is my wife Aoi. And the little one mooning over the sight is my son Cooper.”, he introduced. “Aoi … meet Captain Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark … you already met Natasha.”

Aoi waved and grinned. “Hi. Nice to meet you. By the way Stark … you might want to improve your security. Some asshole guard put a gun in the face of Cooper without reason. The little one is unarmed today”, she said and looking at her son, who was calmly playing with one of her knives.

“It would seem he smuggled a weapon. You should take it from him.”, Captain Rogers said imperiously.

Aoi laughed. “The imp stole it from me again. I guess, he can keep it.”

The man blinked irritated. “He’s what … five? And you let him keep a knife?”

“Cooper turns four in a couple of weeks. And yes. He gets to keep the knife … and before you try to take it from him, be advised he knows how to use them effectively against adults. Should you wish to reproduce in the future … well … you shouldn’t even try.”, Aoi said.

Rogers looked at Clint. “Is she serious?”

“Dead serious, Cap. In our branch we tend to learn early.”, Clint said.

“You train him to be an assassin?”, Stark asked interested.

“Something like this.”, Aoi said evasively.

Cooper sat on the floor in front of Doctor Banner and interviewed him about the Hulk. He wanted to know all about his hero and albeit a little reluctantly Banner complied after getting the okay from Aoi and Clint.

Both Aoi and Clint sat at the kitchen table with Stark and Rogers talking about how they got together, when Aoi felt something.


“Yes, dear?”

“Take Cooper somewhere safe. Shit is about to hit the fan and if I’m right in my guess who it is, I am needed here.”, Aoi said, pressing her hand over her heart.

Clints eyes widened. He hadn’t asked who Aois parabatai was, but he suspected he knew the man.

Without discussion he plugged the little one up and went into the vents with him, making his way down to the safe rooms.

“What do you mean, you are needed here? You do know we are the Aven’”, whatever Rogers was blabbing, was cut short, when a bullet went through the thick glass of Stark tower and embedded itself into the wall beside Steve’s head.

Aoi felt her runes burn brightly and let go of the glamour that held them hidden. A whispered word and the whip slid free, while she walked up to the window.

She kicked it to pieces and with practiced ease slid her stele free to activate her farsight rune. Searching the trajectory line of the bullet, she saw him.

“It’s the Winter Soldier.”, Stark said. He wore his armour and stepped up to Aoi.

Aoi sighed. “I know … and I need you … all of you to step back.”

“You can’t command me, Barton. I am Captain …”

“I know who you are, Rogers. The problem is, you can’t help him. You can’t take him down. The only one who can is me.”, Aoi interrupted him.


“Because James Buchanan Barnes is my parabatai.”, she growled and took a running leap right out of the 60th floor of the building. Her magic opened a portal midfall and Aoi fell out at her destination right on top of her parabatai.

He tried to hit her, but Aoi wound her whip around his neck and pulled tight, while her magic bound him. Before she had him fully restraint he’d pushed his knife into her shoulder. She ripped his shirt open and looked into his wide eyes, putting her hand right on his chest, where she had marked him.

Her stele flashed, activating the rune, letting him feel her and her him. “I’ve found you … I finally found you, James.”, she whispered.

The cold look in his eyes swam for a moment. “Ao …i”, he whispered brokenly.

The next moment she heard people drop onto the rooftop and James’ walls were back up.

“Fuck”, Aoi growled.

“Aoi?”, Clint asked her softly, pressing his hand against the bleeding wound.

“I need to take him to Brother Jeremiah, Clint.”, she told him.

“You … you can’t take him away.”, Captain America protested.

James strained under Aoi, trying to get at him.

“I’m sorry, James.”, Aoi told him, before knocking him out cold.

“You know the brothers are still … uhm … miffed, because of that thing you did, when they put him under the last time … let me take him.”, Clint said.

“I can’t let you take him either”, Rogers protested.

Aoi opened a portal and shoved Clint and James through it. “Take care of him for me. I need him, Clint. Without him my life is over.”, she said and before anyone could do anything, the portal blinked out, leaving Aoi alone with an aggravated Captain America and Iron Man.

The Captain wanted to grab her, but with catlike grace she leapt back. “This is not a good idea, Captain. Really … don’t make me hurt you. Bucky would hate me, if I did.”

“You can’t”, he began, but Aoi interrupted him. “But I can.”, she said and seconds later he found himself on his stomach, his hands bound behind his back.

Aoi looked towards Iron Man. “Do I have to hand you your ass or will you help me get him back to the tower? I’m not really fond of lugging anyone but the four men in my life around.”

Stark chuckled. “Four men?”

“Yeah … my brother, my husband, my son and my parabatai.”, Aoi answered.

Stark nodded and used the strength of his armour to lift the bound Captain America, who was still struggling against the bonds.

“What the heck did you use to bind him?”, Stark wanted to know, when they were back in the tower. Captain America sat seething on the sofa and Aoi felt satisfied to take the pompous man a peg or two down,

He still hadn’t adjusted to life in the 21st century and that made her angry as fuck.

“Can’t tell ya, Stark. I’d have to kill ya or erase your memory … so sorry, no can do.”, Aoi said, before turning to the growling Captain.

“Listen to me, boy.”, she snapped. “I know you want your best friend back. I get it, really. Bucky is my fucking parabatai, my warrior mate. He is as important to me as my husband and my son. Without him I’d die.”

“Pff … you are way too young to be his anything.”, the man snapped back.

Aoi started laughing.

“Looks can be deceiving, my good captain. I’m way older than both you and Buckaroo.”, she said.

“No way.”, Stark interjected.

“Oh but I am … I was born in 1868 in Kyoto during the beginning of the Meiji Restoration … and I became Bucky’s parabatai in 1935 … I felt what they did to him, before you freed him. I felt it, when he fell … I felt his pain, losing his arm … it was as if I lost my own … and I had to keep up the fucking war wards around the Kyoto Institute, even though I never wanted anything more than being by his side. I felt every ounce of torture he went through … mental, physical … I bear his scars … and I am only as sane as I am, because I had a fucking awesome support system. A system which Bucky get’s to use now … so we can free him of HYDRAs mind control and those fucking control phrases they have on him.”, she said.

“You want me to believe you are 144 years old? You look like you are barely 25”, Stark said.

“Well … the Captain is 95 and he looks like he hasn’t reached 30 yet.”, Aoi answered.

“You’re injured … let me take a look at that.”, Stark said, moving to pull the knife out. .

“No need … I’ve got that one covered.”, Aoi said and stripped out of her t-shirt, after doing it herself. Blood trailed down her body in a warm caress.

Rogers gasped when he saw the blood and the scars that littered her skin.

“Are those burn scars?”, Tony asked softly. He had his own share of burns and he knew how much they hurt.

Aoi smiled. “Some of them … but those that look like runes … well … they are.”, she said and pulled out her stele. The Institute in New York would try to sanction her either way, even though they knew they couldn’t, because they hadn’t jurisdiction about what she could tell other people.

“What’s that?”, Tony wanted to know.

“Is that a stele? Why the hell …”, Rogers started to say and finally it dawned on him, what Aoi had tried to tell im the whole time. “You’re the pretty dame that accompanied him before he shipped out. He always called you Hunter”

Aoi smiled. “That’s because I am … a Hunter … a Shadowhunter. Just like Bucky.”

Steve blinked. “Was that why he always was unavailable, when we were kids?”

“He went to training”, she said and used her stele on the healing rune Bucky had placed on the inside of her left arm. It only took a moment for the wound to heal over, making both men stare at her.

“Is this replicable?”

“Nope. Nephilim only, sorry.”, Aoi said stretching her shoulder to test it, when Cooper came barreling into the room with Banner hot on his heels.

“MOOOOOM … did ya get hurted again?”, he all but screamed.

“A little bit, but it’s okay, munchkin. Momma got her friend back”

Coopers eyes flickered for a moment, showing of his warlock heritage for all but a second. His tiny hands roamed his mother’s body and the blood vanished.

“What the hell?”, Banner muttered and his eyes flickered green.

Sighing Aoi purred out a calming sequence, making the men in the room drowsy. She pulled Cooper against her side, before asking JARVIS for directions to Clints room, where she lay down to sleep.

Later that night Clint stepped into his room and smiled, when he saw his wife curled up on top of his bed. He sat down next to her and gently carded his fingers through her hair, because he knew she would have woken up the moment he stepped into the building.

Aoi turned into his touch and her tricolored eyes slowly blinked open. A soft smile graced her lips and she pulled Clint into in embrace, searched for his lips.

Clint sighed into the kiss and slipped between her legs, letting her feel how much he had missed her.

“Oh, someone’s happy to see me”, Aoi giggled sleepily, before she kissed him longingly. Cooper was sleeping in his own room he had here, so there was nothing holding them back.

“So, so happy, darling.”, he whispered while stripping them both. His touch was gentle and warm, exactly what they both needed. Clint carefully slipped in and Aoi moaned. Her hands held Clints shoulders and he whispered into her ear: “Let it go”

Her hold on her glamour slipped and her claws kneaded his shoulders. Warm blood ran down his back and they both moaned, while their bodies danced the age old dance.

Aois kitten fangs gently bit into Clints lower lip, tugged at it and her eyes twinkled merrily. She enjoyed their lovemaking so much, she subconsciously used her magic to prevent a possible pregnancy. Something big was coming.

Later Aoi cleaned Clint up with kitten licks, letting him feel her raw tongue and making him purr in excitement. He bucked her from his back and made her kneel in front of him.

“Again?”, she purred and lowered her front down onto the bed, wriggling her bum playfully.

Clint smacked her butt, before gripping her hips and slipping into her wet core.

This time around their lovemaking was way more aggressive. The first few moments were kind of gentle and sweet, but a second later, Aoi bucked him of and he found himself under his lover, her claws biting into his chest, mauling him with biting kisses along his clavicle.

She rode him like a champ and a couple of minutes later they reached heaven again and she sank into his arms, purring like a contented cat, while licking the blood from his chest.

Early next morning Aoi portaled Cooper back to the loft she still shared with Magnus and where Clint normally resided with them. She gave her brother a quick rundown of things before she made her way back to wake her husband.

He never functioned quite well in the morning without coffee and it was the same with her, so she didn’t tell him to put on more clothes than his sweatpants.

They met with the rest of Clints team in the common room and they all stared at him.

“What the fuck happened to you? Did you get mauled by a wild tiger?”, Natasha asked.

Aoi shook her head, realizing they hadn’t made use of their runes last night. She used her stele absentmindedly to dispel Clints glamour and studied his runes.

“You still did not replace your healing rune after your last injury?”, she asked him and ignored the gasps of the others.

“Nope.” He popped the p and handed her a cup of coffee she downed with one gulp, before grinning and shoving him up against the refrigerator. She knelt before him and before the eyes of his friends she marked his hipbone with her stele, activating the healing rune and finally all the cuts and marks from last night healed over.

“You said this kind of healing does not work on humans.”, Stark muttered.

Aoi giggled. “Who told you this numbskull is human?”, she asked.

“That would be me, Misses Barton.”

“Oh … Fury … nice to see you and all that rot.”, Aoi said, waving her hand dismissively. She did not like the man.

“You know one of these days you will get into trouble for telling mundanes about the Shadow World.”, Fury told her.

“Well … none of them is exactly mundane, Fury. No matter what you want to tell them.”, Aoi said leaning back.

“But they all are perfectly human.”, he argued.

Aoi laughed. “Really? You want to pull that shit?”, she said and studied the group before her. “Banner carries Oni blood … that’s the reason he Hulks out. Black Widow gets her name because one of her ancestors mated with a Kuridemon … she’s at least partly Warlock. Steve is a daylighter thanks to the serum and he can sustain himself with normal food, but he has to eat like every four hours to maintain his strength. Giving him blood would ease that shitton of a grocery bills down to normal levels again.”, she pointed out.

“And Stark? Is he fully human?”, Fury prodded.

Aois eyes flicked towards her fellow warlock. She had felt his energy the moment they met, but neither of them had acknowledged the other. He nodded his assent.

“He is a warlock … just like me”, she answered and smiled, when he dropped his glamour, showing of his red and gold scales proudly.

Aoi dropped her own in response.

“I thought you said you were a Hunter.”, Fury said.

“Oh I am, Director Fury. I am indeed a Shadowhunter. Just like Clint. But I am also a born warlock. Raised by Hunters in Kyoto and I learned their ways, since my mother has been one of them … and Clint is not only a Hunter, but also an elf. So calling him Legolas is probably the most appropriate nickname.”

“You done revealing secrets?”, Fury asked angrily.

Aoi grinned. “Just so you know, Fury … you can be angry all you like … you can’t touch me … and you know it. I am older than your fucking accords. I am exempt from them and all the people I associate with are too. So you can just go back to S.H.I.E.L.D. and be grumpy.”

She had given into her more kitten like tendencies and curled up on Clints lap, purring away when he started to pet her like the cat she was. Aoi loved to indulge from time to time.

The rest of the Avengers lounged around them and fixed their gazes on her. “How do you know our secrets? Not even Clint knew.”, Tony asked, while polishing his nails.

“She must be some bigwig in the Shadow World … although we would know her, wouldn’t we?”, Steve said, sounding a bit aggressive.

Clint scratched the back of her ear, making her purr louder. “Oh I knew … just didn’t make a fuss about it. It’s not been my place to talk about it.”, Clint said and stretched a bit.

“So tell us … just who are you that even Fury does not push with you.”, Bruce asked.

“That’s kind of complicated … I already told you a part of my story.”, Aoi started, closing her eyes. “I am the second child of Prince Asmodeus, King of Edom; little sister of the leading warlock of the eastern seaboard and High Warlock of Kyoto … I am also one of the leaders of the Kyoto Institute … a Shadowhunter, given that my mother was one of them. So yeah … I’m a bigwig, but I also mostly operate from the shadows these days. I am one of the few things that stands between Edom and the annihilation of mankind.”

Tony blinked. “You are Magnus Bane’s little sister? Damn … I was told I would remember you, when I met you again. You were that little hellion that kicked me out of the loft.”, he said.

Aoi laughed. “You tripped the wards … and for your information … I wasn’t a little hellion anymore. I’ve been an adult, when that happened. Unlike you, little grasshopper”

“Mrs Barton?”

Aoi, who was practicing yoga, looked up. “It’s Aoi, Captain Rogers.”

“Okay … Aoi … when do I get to see Bucky?”, he wanted to know.

Aoi leapt to her feet and stretched. “When the Silent Brothers say he is ready to leave the City of Bones.”, she asked.

“But when will that be?”, he asked.

Sighing softly Aoi turned towards the ceiling high windows. “I don’t know. The brothers don’t allow me into the City at the moment. When … HYDRA … they did unspeakable things to him … and I felt it all … the Brothers … they tried to help … but since I am not only a Hunter, my powers reacted and I injured a couple of them. I wasn’t in my right mind”

“But I need to see him …”

“No … well you may need to see him, but Bucky … he needs time. He will come to us, when he is ready. Not a moment sooner.”

If she hadn’t been accustomed to the antics of assassins, she would have screamed in terror, when a big shadow stepped out of the dark. Aoi had felt him stalk her during the last couple of weeks and she had let him. She knew he needed time and knowledge.

“So … you are now a married woman?”

She remembered his beautiful rough voice so well, even if it had been so long since she had heard it.

“Yes … it’s not Bane anymore, but Barton. And I guess you know all about Clint.”, she answered him with a soft smile.

“I missed you, doll”, he whispered.

“As I missed you, darling.”, Aoi responded and stepped up to him.

“May I?”, he asked and held up his arms.


“Even if I am … not human anymore?”

“Even then”, she said and put her arms around him.

He tentatively embraced her and she leant her arms against his chest, listening to his heartbeat, feeling his warmth. His new genome registered with her and she shook her head.

“Oh this will so not go well, when you meet Steve again.”

“Hu? Why?”

“Well … you are wolven and he is a daylighter … so yeah … it will go over well.”, she giggled.

“The serum?”

“I’m not sure … either that or he was bitten, when he was out with the Howling Commandos, and drank Shadowhunter Blood.”, she said.

Bucky tilted his head to the side. “He … carried me through the woods, when someone had shot me. I think he used his mouth to extract the bullet.”

Aoi nodded, accepting his words, while huddling closer against Bucky.

“You know, don’t you?”, he asked softly, while he buried his face in Aoi’s hair.

“I smelt the way you marked Clint … he didn’t say anything … but I guess you asked him not to.”, Aoi answered.

“I’m sorry …”

“Why are you sorry? We can’t go against our biology, Bucky … but if we do this, we will do it together … you, Clint and me … no one gets left behind. We’ll be together till the end of the line.”, Aoi whispered.

She felt Clint step up behind her and then he wrapped his arms around her.

“You really want to do this?”, Clint asked. “You know what will happen to your parabatai bond, if you bond with him … it will pervert over time and it will kill you.”

Aoi leaned into his chest, looking into Bucky’s pained face. “It would, if we were to bond alone … but since this would result in a true triad bond, three creatures … werewolf, warlock and elf … not only hunters … nothing will happen to the parabatai bond.”

After her soft explanation they stood in silence for a while. Both men held Aoi close, touching each other softly while they did.

“Are you okay with this? Both of you?”, Aoi asked into the silence.

Clint leant over Aoi and captured Bucky’s lips in a gentle kiss, probing, testing and sighing softly, when Bucky responded. Aoi giggled and gently touched the chests of both men.

“How will we bond?”, Bucky asked softly.

“Body, mind and soul”, Clint whispered just as soft.

“Aye”, Aoi agreed.

Aoi gave herself over into the hands of her lovers. They gently stripped her out of her clothes and carried her over to the bed.

In a flurry of gentle touches, kisses and words their world turned upside down and then right back up. Aoi was the centre of the triad and both men made love to her at the same time, kissing and touching each other, while bonding their bodies.

Clint used his normally hidden elven magic to meld their minds together, letting them feel what the other two felt.

“Feels so good”, Aoi moaned, closing her eyes.

Bucky’s hands gently touched her breasts and his hips stuttered a bit, signaling his nearing orgasm.

“Darling … you have to instigate the soulbond now.”, Clint whispered into her ear, spreading her legs farther and sliding deeper into her.

“Your hands in mine,

our hugs,

Waking up in your arms.

Touches will feel ancient yet so new

from another time and right now

They are perfection,

because we three are one.”

Aoi whispered the words, both in her mind and out loud. She sounded breathless, holding the hands of Bucky and Clint, while their souls embraced on the deepest level. They were bound together, when they reached their peak and tumbled over as one.

Both Clint and Bucky wanted to slide out of her, but Aoi stopped them. “No … please … stay”, she whispered.

Clint blinked, understanding what she wanted.

“Are you sure?”, he asked her.

Bucky kissed her neck and gently sucked a hickey into her skin.

“Yes … children conceived during bonding … they will be so strong and beautiful.”, Aoi whispered.

“Children?”, Bucky whispered full of awe.

Aoi smiled and gently put their intertwined hands against her stomach. “They are conceived right this moment … yours and Clints.”

Early next morning Bucky woke Aoi and Clint. “Come on, sleepyheads … time for training.”, he whispered against Aois lips.

“Really, Buck? You’re back for like five minutes and you already interrupt my sleep schedule?”, Aoi mumbled grumpily, but still peeled herself out of Clints arms.

Bucky giggled. “Sure, love. Just to irritate you … we need to get back into our familiar fighting sequences … and well … show me how you and Clint do together.”

Clint sighed. “She does not really fight the hunters way … hasn’t since you were lost from what I gathered.”, he said, crawling out of the bed.

Aoi went to the tallboy and pulled out a pair of yoga pants and a top. She pulled both on and turned to look at her men. “You coming?”, she asked, while gathering up her whip and her knives.

“You changed the weapons you use?”, Bucky asked.

“No … the rest are either in my rooms at the loft or secreted away in little dimensional spaces on my body. I only carry what I usually use these days. My knives, the Electrum Whip and my stele. Sometimes a gun” she answered.

Bucky nodded.

Fifteen minutes later soft meditation music sounded through the gym and Aoi led both Clint and Bucky through a mix of power yoga and tai chi moves after a short warm up.

“You wanna spar?”, Bucky asked her after a while and in answer she reached for two shinai.

“Show me your swordwork, Buck …”

Before Clint can protest about it, they are going at it. The wooden swords clashed and so did the warlock and the were. It was an aggressive dance full of the preternatural kind of beauty one only sees on rare occasions.

“Holy mother of god …”

The voice startles Clint who had climbed onto a rack to watch. He turned his head minutely and saw Tony and Natasha watching.

“… what kind of swords play is that?”, Natasha wanted to know.

“Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu … Aoi is one of the few who learned from the founder of the style … and as far as I know she owns his sword … it’s a family heirloom.”, Clint answered.

“Did she just ‘sheath’ her shinai?”, Tony asked.

“Watch it”, Clint said and seconds later Bucky lay on his back, slapping out.


“You’ve gotten sloppy, Buckaroo … need to train you back up. All those projectile weapons are worth shit if you run out of munition.”, Aoi told him, while pulling him back to his feet.

Bucky pulled her in and kissed her gently. He knew that his swordplay had suffered during his time at HYDRA, so he simply nodded.

“Did he just kiss your wife? And does the Captain know he’s back?”, Natasha asked Clint.

Clint smiled. “It’s our wife now and he’s my husband … and no, the Captain doesn’t know yet”, he answered.

“Well … good luck … here he comes.”

“Why does the gym stink like wet dog?”, Captain America growled, when he stepped into the room. His eyes almost immediately zeroed in on Bucky and he moved fast forward to embrace his longtime friend, but recoiled when the stench got stronger.

“Uuughh”, he grumbled.

Aoi giggled. “Sorry, Captain. You should get used to it. Buckaroo has been bitten by a big bad wolf … although I guess, he will now be the biggest, baddest wolf in the hood.”, she said.

“Aw … wolfie”, Clint muttered.

“Hey … no baiting, birdbrain”, Aoi scolded him reflexively.

Steve stared at Bucky, turned his head to the side to take a deep breath, before stepping up to hug him.

“Missed you, jerk”, he muttered.

“You too, punk”, Bucky answered.

A relieved sigh escaped Aoi, when the big clash she had anticipated did not happen.

“… you smell like Aoi and Clint … why?”, was the next thing she heard.

“Because they are my mates.”, Bucky answered and there the calm went.


Without thinking about it, Aois magic restrained Steve.

“Do not scream at my mate without cause.”, she hissed angrily.

“Shhh … honey … calm down”, Clint said, gently touching her shoulder, only to be silently rebuffed.

A portal opened and Magnus stepped out. He rolled his eyes, when he saw the raised weapons. Ignoring them, he stepped towards his sister.

“Aoi, darling … I can feel your pregnancy in your magic, but it’s a little early to go on a rampage.”, he said and wrapped her in a hug. “Come on … let go of your magic. It’s okay … your mates will keep you safe, honey.”

Everyone stared at him, when he talked her down, but Magnus couldn’t care less.

“Pregnant?”, Natasha asked.

“Happens during mating … especially with warlocks from our line”, Magnus answered absently and carded his fingers through Aois long hair, making her purr until she was limp in his arms.

Carefully he handed her off to Clint and waved his hand towards the still open portal. “Take her to bed. She needs some good cuddles … I put the potions she has to take on the bedside table … and uhm … there’s a letter from dad on the pillow for her.”, Magnus told him.

“Bucky? Come on. We can’t leave her alone during the pregnancy.”, Clint said and gently nodded towards the portal.

Bucky stepped up to them and turned for a moment. “We’ll be back, when we’re back.”, he addressed Steven, before stepping through.

Clint followed with a limp, purring like a kitten with her face against his neck.

New York, 2013

“Goooood … I fucking hate this”, Aoi groaned. Her stomach was well rounded and she felt the two babies in there moving. “Clint … why are your fucking children so energetic … I want to sleep, goddamnit.”

“Hun … I don’t think sleep is on the menu during birth.”, Clint remarked softly.

“Well … why didn’t I think of that … no sleep during birth”, Aoi snapped. “I’m still tired”

Bucky slipped behind her and started a soft back massage. “Breath, honey.”, he purred, trying to sooth her.

“It fucking hurts.”

Clint chanced a look. “Soon …”, he told her after inspecting her cervix with a gentle touch.

Aoi had wanted to do this with her mates.

Magnus had taken Cooper with him, so they were alone.

The pregnancy had been exhausting and Aoi had spent most of her time without any glamour lazing around and doing no more than she had to in regards of weapons training. But her physical training had been stepped up to keep her in shape.

“I can’t wait anymore … no matter how soon soon may be.”, she grunted and curled up for a moment, before turning onto her hands and knees.

“What are you doing?”

“Giving … hnnngh … birth … asshole.”, she grunted, closing her eyes. She concentrated on her breathing and after a moment she started to bear down.

Later she couldn’t have answered how long she had been in labour. Aoi lay on her side, breathing hard and staring at the two tiny new lives that lay right in front of her.

She registered their beautiful marks, showing that they were warlock children. Normally only sex with a demon resulted in warlock children, but her genes were strong since her father was the prince of hell.

Bucky gently washed her down, while Clint changed the bloody sheets. When Bucky reached for the children, she growled at him and lashed out with her claws.

“Don’t, Buck … just don’t.”, Clint said barely audible. “We don’t want to agitate her right now.”

Bucky nodded. “But we have to get her back onto the bed.”, he answered just as soft.

“She’ll manage for a moment.”

Instinct took over for Aoi and she behaved even more catlike. Instead of going and cleaning her babies up the human way, she started to lick them clean. Both babies purred like little kittens and when she was ready, she put first the little boy up onto the bed, followed by her baby girl.

She creeped up after them and sighed softly. She curled up around them and closed her eyes. Her magic rose to the occasion and shielded them from harm.

“How long until she will let us see the children and swaddle them up?”, Bucky asked.

Clint smiled. “Let her nap. Afterwards we may get lucky. Depends how far into her instincts she is. With Cooper it took three days.”, he said.

“They are beautiful.”, Magnus said softly.

Aoi hissed, but didn’t hide her children from him. Their fathers held them. Bucky had his boy in his arms and Clint sang to the little girl.

“Mum … I wanna look at my baby brother and baby sister.”, Cooper muttered from behind Magnus.

“Come here.”, Aoi answered softly.

Cooper crawled up onto his parents bed and looked at his siblings. “They tiny.”, he stated and gently pat their cheeks, before curling up against his mom.

“What did you name them?”, Magnus wanted to know.

“Matthew James and Lila Lauren.”, Bucky and Clint answered together.

Magnus smiled. “Beautiful names for beautiful babes.”, he said.

Aoi purred softly. Her life was complete now.

~The end~

Danke, Aaron

An diesem grauenvollen Herbsttag stehe ich auf dem Friedhof an deinem Grab. Tränen laufen mir übers Gesicht und ich halte Jacks Hand. Heute jährt sich dein Todestag zum dritten Mal.

Drei Jahre ist es her, dass du uns verlassen hast. Vollkommen unerwartet und dann auch noch durch meine Schuld.

Wir waren zusammen in der Stadt unterwegs, um ein paar Dinge für Jacks sechsten Geburtstag zu besorgen. Den zweiten, den er ohne seine Mum feiern muss.

Und wie sich nur wenig später herausstellt, der erste ohne dich.

Der Spielzeugladen, bei dem wir ein extragroßes Captain America Puzzle bestellt hatten, wurde überfallen und du hast dich vor eine Kugel geworfen, um mich zu beschützen, dabei bin ich von uns beiden derjenige, der praktisch kugelsicher ist.

Sicher. Es hätte weh getan, aber mehr weh tat die Tatsache, dass der große, grüne und vor allen Dingen wütende Mitbewohner sich meines Körpers, den Gegner mit einem Schlag beseitigte und dich dann behutsam in die Arme nahm, nur um mich dann freizugeben.

Er ließ mich heraus, damit ich Abschied nehmen konnte von dir. Es tat so weh dich zu halten, meine Hand auf die Wunde in deinem Bauch zu pressen, obwohl ich wusste, dass es nicht helfen würde.

“Gib auf Jack acht. Ich liebe euch”

Das waren deine letzten Worte und du musstest sie nur aussprechen, weil du mich schützen wolltest, geschützt hast. Weil du wusstest, dass ich müde des Kämpfens war und den Hulk in den letzten Monaten viel zu oft rausgelassen hatte.

Einmal mehr hätte mich nicht umgebracht, hat mich nicht umgebracht, aber dich schon und ich bereue es zutiefst. Ich bereue es, weil es dir das Leben und einem wunderbaren kleinen Jungen den Vater genommen hat, den er so sehr verehrt.

Nach deinem Tod war nichts mehr wie zuvor. Deine Familie war am Boden zerstört. Sie wollten sich um Jack kümmern. Ihn bei sich aufnehmen. Haileys Schwester wollte ihn adoptieren.

Es war keine schöne Zeit. Vor allem nicht, als sie merkten, dass Jack und Aaron Hotchner schon eine ganze Weile mit Nachnamen Banner hießen und nichts gesagt hatten und das ich Jack adoptiert hatte.

Das hinderte J. J. nicht daran Jack noch vor der Beerdigung zu entführen, weil sie der Meinung war, dass der Hulk kein geeigneter Vater war.

Sagen wir, das Endergebnis war für Miss Jareau nicht ganz so schön. Sie ist dem Hulk persönlich begegnet, hat ihren Job und das Sorgerecht für ihr eigenes Kind eingebüßt und sitzt für die nächsten Jahre hinter Gittern.

Jack und Henry sind trotzdem noch immer Freunde und Will und ich mittlerweile ebenfalls. Er ist der einzige aus deinem Leben, zu dem wir noch Kontakt haben. Er und Spencer.

Die beiden warten mit Henry ein wenig weiter weg zusammen mit Tony auf uns. Tony, der mir die Kraft gegeben hat weiterzumachen. Für Jack und für dich. Der es mir möglich gemacht hat, als Avenger aufzuhören beziehungsweise nur noch hinter den Kulissen zu arbeiten, damit ein traumatisierten kleiner Junge nicht auch noch einen weiteren wichtigen Menschen in seinem Leben verliert.

“Dad, wollen wir Daddy Papa Tony endlich vorstellen? Er muss doch wissen, wer auf mich aufpasst.”

Jacks Stimme klingt so unschuldig und rein neben mir, dass ich nicht anders kann, als diesen zuckersüßen achtjährigen auf den Arm zu nehmen und mich zu den anderen umzudrehen.

Ich strecke meine freie Hand aus und winke Tony zu mir. Ein wenig zögerlich tritt er an meine Seite und ich lege meinen Arm um seine Schultern.

“Aaron? Ich möchte dir Anthony Edward Stark vorstellen. Er ist…”, beginne ich und breche dann ab, weiß nicht, wie ich in Worte fassen soll, was Tony für mich ist. Aber Jack übernimmt das für mich.

“Daddy? Dad hat Papa Tony sein kaputtes Herz gegeben und Papa Tony hat es wieder heilgemacht… Das kann Papa Tony ganz toll… Der ist Ingenieur und baut immer gaaaaaaanz tolle Sachen mit mir und Dad.”

Jacks muntere Geplapper wäscht über mich hinweg und Tony’s Griff um meine Taille verstärkt sich für einen Moment. Seine Lippen legen sich warm auf meine Wange und ich spüre sein Lächeln.

“Ich vermisse dich, Aaron. Werde es immer tun, aber Jack und ich, wir haben jetzt Tony an unserer Seite und es geht uns besser. Ich hoffe, dass das okay für dich ist ”, flüstere ich, während Jack begeistert von seinem Captain America Puzzle erzählt, welches er endlich fertig gemacht hat. Zusammen mit Captain Rogers und Sergeant Barnes, aber ohne seinen Captain America.

Mit einem Mal reißt die Wolkendecke über uns auf und die Sonne erstrahlt. Es scheint, als wolltest du uns deinen Segen geben und mit einem Mal fällt es mir leichter zu zeigen, was sich schon vor einiger Zeit zwischen Tony und mir angebahnt hat.

Ich wende mich Tony halb zu und ziehe ihn enger an mich, küsse ihn zärtlich, bevor ich Jack sage, dass wir weiter müssen.

Er verabschiedet sich und wir sind schon ein paar Schritte entfernt, als ich mich noch einmal umwende.

“Danke, Aaron”

Die Worte Perlen über meine Lippen und ich lächele, weil diese Worte so viel mehr als nur simple Dankbarkeit ausdrücken sollen. Immerhin habe ich dank dir unendlich viel Liebe erfahren, du hast mir Mut und Kraft gegeben weiterzumachen, obwohl ich nicht mehr weiter wusste; mir geholfen den Hulk und mich als eins zu akzeptieren und mir einen wundervollen Sohn geschenkt. Mein Leben ist durch dich so viel besser geworden, auch wenn du deines für mich gegeben hast.

Ich werde diesen Survivors Guilt wohl niemals loswerden, aber ich kann mit ihm leben. Dank dir.

Tony zieht mich zu unseren Freunden und ins Leben zurück. Alles ist anders, als früher, aber ich weiß, ich bin nicht allein und auch du stehst immer noch hinter mir. Eine Tatsache für die ich unendlich dankbar bin.


Von Vulkanen, Hobbits und Glühwürmchen (#Fewjar)

Der Frühling hatte dieses Jahr besonders früh seinen Einzug gehalten und draußen vor den Fenstern begannen schon die ersten Blumen und Bäume ihr Blattwerk zu entfalten.

Felix hatte den Tag draußen im Park bei sonnigen 26°C genossen und hatte sich erst gegen Abend auf den Heimweg gemacht. Er schloss die Wohnung im Erdgeschoss auf und ihm schlugen Temperaturen entgegen, die eines Vulkans würdig waren.

“Schatz? Musst du immer die Heizung so hochdrehen?”, rief er in die Wohnung hinein, warf die Tür ins Schloss und zog seine Schuhe aus, bevor er begann die Heizkörper abzudrehen.

Jakob kam ihm im Flur entgegen, eingehüllt in Jogginghosen, einen dicken Hoodie und mit einer Decke um den Schultern.

“So warm ist es doch gar nicht”, protestierte er schlotternd.

Felix blinzelte und blickte dann an ihm vorbei zum Wohnzimmerfenster, wo er Marti, der einen golden glänzenden Gegenstand hielt, auf Frodos Schultern sitzen sah, der am Fensterrahmen herum fummelte und anscheinend versuchte dieses auf zu stemmen. Als das nicht funktionierte, zogen die beiden beleidigt ab.

Felix hob seine Augenbraue und schüttelte amüsiert den Kopf. “Klar, darum waren gerade zwei Hobbits am Fenster und wollten einen Ring hier reinwerfen.”, sagte er trocken und legte dann eine Hand an Jakobs Stirn, der ihn verklärt anguckte.

“Na los, ab ins Bett mit dir, du Glühwürmchen.”, forderte er Jakob dann auf. Als dieser sich nicht rührte, hob Felix seinen Lebensgefährten hoch und trug ihn ins Schlafzimmer.

Jakob ließ seinen Kopf gegen Felix’ Schulter sinken und schloss seine Augen. Felix war wieder da und würde dafür sorgen, dass es ihm schon bald wieder besser gehen würde.

Und vielleicht, vielleicht würden die Hobbits dann auch nicht ständig wieder kommen, um ihren Ring zu entsorgen.


Dear Two (Jakob rappt sich zu Tode)

A/N: Dieses Video schrie nach einer BC-Variante.


“Ich will ein Video drehen … jetzt!”, verkündete Jakob und kämpfte sich von seinem gemütlichen Plätzchen auf dem Rasen hoch. Er taumelte, weil der Alkohol und auch das Kiffen sich deutlich bemerkbar machten.

Felix, mindestens genauso betrunken wie Jakob, nickte einfach nur. Er war Jakobs williger Sklave, wenn es um so etwas ging. Er holte die Kamera, die sie heute schon für einiges benutzt hatten, aus dem Auto, schob einen frischen Akku und eine neue Speicherkarte hinein und folgte Jako, der eine Treppe hinauf zu einer Mauer an der alte, rostige Ketten hingen.

Jakob riss sein Hemd auf, wand dann die Ketten um seine Handgelenke und ließ sich auf die Knie fallen, den Kopf nach vorn geneigt, so dass sein offenes Haar sein Gesicht verdeckte.

Felix richtete die Kamera auf ihn, filmte, wie er zunächst einfach nur in den Ketten hing, versuchte sich aufzurichten. Jakob hob den Kopf, sah mit dunklen Augen in die Kamera und dann fing er an unverständliches Zeug zu rappen.

Je mehr er von sich gab, desto mehr wand er sich aus den Ketten, stand schließlich vor der Wand und rappte munter und aggressiv vor sich hin, schritt schließlich langsam die Treppe hinunter.

Etwa auf der Mitte wand er Felix den Rücken zu, ging die letzten Stufen herunter und begann dann seltsam zu tanzen.

Niklas, der zusammen mit Andre und David bisher nur zugesehen hatte, verdrehte genervt die Augen, zog eine Knarre und nach einem genervten ‘Joiko, du nervst!’ jagte er ihm aus der Entfernung eine Kugel direkt zwischen die Augen, bevor er sich den Joint von David stahl und tief zog.

Felix hielt weiter mit der Kamera drauf, als Jakobs Körper auf die Knie fiel, einen Moment so verharrte und ins Leere starrte, während ein dünnes Rinnsal Blut über seine Nase hinab am Mund vorbei Richtung Hals lief, bevor sein lebloser Körper zur Seite kippte.

Dann stellte Felix die Kamera aus und schlurfte zu den anderen zurück, ließ sich neben sie auf die Decke fallen und griff nach der Weinflasche, die Jakob zurückgelassen hatte.

Ohne ein Wort zu sagen, leerte er sie und starrte in die Dunkelheit. Manchmal passierten einfach Dinge, die er nicht verstand. Nicht verstehen wollte. Vor allem mit Jako.


Teddybär (#Kleider) für @ATGgarden im Auftrag von @dannysan82

A/N: @dannysan82 hat sich diese Story am 27.09. als nachträgliches Geburtstagsgeschenk für @ATGgarden gewünscht. Leider bin ich erst jetzt dazu gekommen sie zu schreiben, aber auch von mir alles Gute nachträglich ❤


Wörter, die vorkommen müssen: Wettessen, Kirmes, Hauptgewinn

“Och komm schon, Flo … lass uns auf die Kirmes gehen, wenn du schon mal hier bist”, quengelte Timon und schob schmollend seine Unterlippe vor.

Florian blinzelte den Jüngeren an, legte seine Hand an dessen Wange, beugte sich vor und stahl sich erst einmal einen unschuldigen Kuss, biss sacht in die Unterlippe und zog daran, bevor er leicht nickte.

“Okay, okay … aber nur, weil du es bist”, stimmte er zu und bequemte sich dann in Richtung Bad, um sich fertig zu machen. Schließlich mussten die Haare ordentlich sitzen.

Eine halbe Stunde später schlenderten sie in Richtung Kirmesplatz. Florians Arm lag um Timons Hüfte und dessen Arm um Florians Schultern, auch wenn es Florian andersherum lieber gewesen wäre, aber das war auf Dauer beim Laufen unbequem, also arrangierte er sich mit der Situation.

Die Menschenmenge war dicht, aber nicht zu dicht. Eine Weile sahen sie sich nur um, genossen das Getümmel, die typischen Gerüche nach Popcorn, Zuckerwatte, Bier und Gegrilltem.

Sie warfen Pfeile auf Ballons, angelten Entchen und zogen Lose. Auf Timons Geheiß fuhren sie mit der Geisterbahn und einer Achterbahn, die nicht wirklich stimulierend war, weil ihr einfach die krassen Loopings und Überschläge fehlten, die eine Achterbahn so ausmachten.

Dann schlenderten sie weiter in eine Ecke, wo es eindeutig nach Essen roch. Sie kamen allerdings nicht weiter, weil die Menschen hier dicht gedrängt standen.

“Was geht denn hier ab?”, fragte Florian neugierig.

“Ein Wettessen anscheinend”, erwiderte Timon, der auf den Zehenspitzen stand.

“Was für ein Wettessen?”

“Ich glaube, Haxen …”

“Oh, ich will mitmachen. Hab Hunger und eine Haxe wäre jetzt genau das Richtige.”, sagte Flo und schlängelte sich durch die Menge, um sich an den letzten freien Platz am Tisch zu setzen.

“Und da haben wir den letzten Teilnehmer … hier, unterschreib den Wisch schnell und dann geht es los”, wurde er angesprochen.

Der Zettel mit den Teilnahmebedingungen war schnell gelesen und unterschrieben und dann landete die heiße Haxe direkt vor seiner Nase.

Florian fackelte nicht lange. Er hatte seit dem Vormittag des Vortages nichts gegessen, weil er erst mit der Reise von Regensburg nach Köln im Auto und dann dem Wiedersehen mit Timon beschäftigt gewesen war. Die Haxe war in gefühlten Sekunden inhaliert und alle starrten ihn an.

“Wow … ich glaube, dass ist ein neuer Rekord! Der Hauptgewinn geht definitiv an diesen jungen Mann hier.”

“Jung?”, prustete es aus der Menschenmenge heraus und Florian sah ein wenig grummelig zu Timon, während der Moderator mit dem Hauptgewinn, einer Kitchen Aid Küchenmaschine, zu ihm kam.

“Hier, bitte schön … und zusätzlich gibt es noch diesen wunderbaren Teddybären”, sagte er, nachdem er Florian die Küchenmaschine in die Hand gedrückt hatte.

Eine junge Frau schleppte einen Teddy an, der locker so groß wie Florian war.

Timon prustete nun erst recht los, drängelte sich dann in Richtung Flo.

“Na komm, ich helf dir tragen, Großer.”, frotzelte er und nahm sich des Teddys an. Denn Florian hatte definitiv die Kraft, die Küchenmaschine quer durch Köln zu schleppen, war aber nicht groß genug, um den Teddy sauber und unbeschadet heimzubringen.

Nach einem Foto für die Gewinnerwand verabschiedeten die beiden Männer sich und zogen in Richtung Heimat ab.

Unterwegs rülpste Flo laut und kicherte dann.

“Hat die Haxe wenigstens geschmeckt?”, fragte Timon.

“Joa ging … Mamas sind besser. Aber ich bin satt und hab was gewonnen, was will ich mehr.”, erwiderte Flo.

Timon lachte. “Weißt du, an dir ist ein Schwabe verloren gegangen, du oller Bayer.”

“Oberpfälzer, wenn ich bitten darf”, sagte Flo in einem hochnäsigen Tonfall, fiel aber Sekunden später mit ins Gelächter ein.

Der Heimweg war gefüllt von einer angenehmen Stille und als sie in Timons Wohnung ankamen, lächelte Florian seinen Freund an. Nahm ihn erst jetzt so richtig mit dem Teddy auf dem Rücken wahr.

“Weißt du … den Teddy, den lass ich dir hier … dann sind deine Nächte nicht so einsam”, sagte er.

Timon zog eine Schnute. “Es wäre mir lieber, wenn der Teddy nach Regensburg fährt und du hier bleibst”, gab Timon zu und ließ den Teddy zu Boden gleiten.

Am nächsten Morgen mussten sie sich schon wieder auf Zeit voneinander trennen.

“Hmm … wäre mir auch lieber, aber leider funktioniert das Leben nicht so … und bis dahin wird der Teddy dich warmhalten und in zwei Wochen bin ich doch schon wieder hier”, sagte er sanft und zog seinen schmollenden Liebling in einen zärtlichen Kuss.

“Aber nur, wenn du mir mit der Kitchen Aid was leckeres backst.”

“Alles, was du willst .. solange du nächstes Wochenende bei mir bist”, flüsterte Florian.

“Immer”, murmelte Timon und zog Florian mit in Richtung Bett.

Was dort geschah … nun, das konnten nur der Mond, die Sterne und der Teddybär beobachten. Wir jedoch ziehen uns unter dem Deckmantel der Privatsphäre nun zurück.


Weihnachten im Frühling (#Vallerik) für @lusus_natura

Wörter, die vorkommen müssen: Tintenfisch, Mauer, Androgyn


“Wow … ich wusste gar nicht, dass du so androgyn aussehen kannst, Valle.”, sagte Erik lachend, als dieser bartlos aus dem Bad kam.

“Ja, ja … lach du nur.”, muffelte Valentin daraufhin. Er ärgerte sich noch immer darüber, dass er den Bartschneider falsch eingestellt und sich den kompletten Bart ruiniert hatte, so dass dieser nun ab gemusst hatte.

“Als ob mir das noch nie passiert wäre”, murmelte Erik und umarmte einem Tintenfisch gleich seinen Liebsten, nachdem dieser sich neben ihn aufs Bett gesetzt hatte.

“Hmm … ja … nur, dass ich gleich noch n Fotoshooting an der Berliner Mauer hab und ohne Bart … Gott, das sieht so scheiße aus.”, brummelte Valentin nur ein wenig milder gestimmt.

Erik grinste leicht und drückte ihn noch mal fest an sich. “Ich hab da noch was in meiner Tasche, glaub ich.”, nuschelte er und löste sich etwas widerwillig von Valentin, ging zu seiner Reisetasche und kramte darin herum.

“Ha! Da isser ja. Schau, Valle … ein passender Bart für dich”, verkündete er und schwenkte einen weißen Rauschebart, der eindeutig von der letzten Weihnachtsfeier stammte, in Valentins Richtung.

Dieser schüttelte seufzend den Kopf. “Manchmal möchte ich dich zur Adoption freigeben, obwohl ich dich liebe, Bärik.”, sagte er und stand dann auf, knuffte ihn in die Seite.

“Na komm … vielleicht mach ich ja auch ein paar Fotos mit dir zusammen”, meinte er dann mit einem Lächeln auf den Lippen.

“Aber ich mag doch gar keine Fotoshoots.”, widersprach Erik mit kindlicher Stimme.

“Das stört mich gar nicht. Wenn ich da durch muss, dann du auch. Du bist schließlich derjenige gewesen, der dran schuld ist, dass ich das machen muss.”, erwiderte Erik.

“Okay, okay”

Beide zogen sich Schuhe und Jacken an, da das Frühlingswetter zumindest zeitweise noch recht kühl war, und zogen los zu einem Fotoshooting, dass so schnell keiner der beiden vergessen würde, vor allen Dingen, weil der Fotograf Valentin tatsächlich den Rauschebart für einige Bilder tragen ließ.


Eine kleine Primaballerina (#Froid) für @lusus_natura

Wörter, die vorkommen müssen: Identität, Honigtopf, Ballerina


“Und du bist dir sicher, dass du so zum Karneval gehen möchtest, Florian?”, fragte seine Mama ihn, nachdem dieser ihr erklärt hatte, dass er unbedingt als Ballerina gehen wollte.

Florian nickte ernsthaft. Er wollte es zwar nicht wirklich, aber er hatte mit Frodo gewettet, dass er es bis ganz oben in den Baumwipfel schaffen würde, aber es dann doch nicht geschafft, weil die Äste sein Gewicht nicht tragen konnten.

“Als was geht Frodo denn?”, bohrte Frau Mundt nach.

“Als Honigtopf von Winnie Pooh”, erwiderte Florian und starrte auf seine Füße. Er wäre viel lieber als Winnie Pooh gegangen, damit er seine Hände ständig in den Honigtopf stecken konnte. Der Gedanke ließ ihn lächeln. Er kuschelte und streichelte seinen Freund immer wahnsinnig gern.

Frau Mundt seufzte und verdrehte die Augen. Diese beiden Kinder litten eindeutig unter Störungen ihrer Identität, aber sie war für freie Entfaltung. Also zuckte sie mit den Achseln, schnappte sich Florian und zog los, um mit ihm ein Tütü zu kaufen. Leggings, ein enges T-Shirt und Turnschläppchen hatten sie noch daheim.


Wenige Tage später stand Florian dann in der Schulturnhalle. In schwarzen Turnschläppchen, einer schwarzen Leggins, die an den Knöcheln ein wenig zu kurz war, einem ebenso schwarzen T-Shirt, das unter den Armen kniff und einem zartrosa Tütü um die Hüfte.

Hand in Hand mit einem Honigtopf, aus dem zwei kurze Arme und Beine und ein blonder Kopf guckten.

Ihre Klassenkameraden hatten sie ausgelacht, aber Flo und Frodo war es egal. Sie hatten beide Wort gehalten. Mehr war ihnen nicht wichtig.

Als die Karnevalsmusik dann losging, tanzten sie Hand in Hand und hatten ihren Spaß, obwohl sie die Musik furchtbar fanden.

Nächstes Jahr würden sie dagegen stimmen, wenn sein Lehrer an ihrer Schule den Karneval durchsetzen wollte, nur weil er eben aus Köln kam.

Bis dahin aber war ja noch eine Menge Zeit.


Vollkommenes Glück (#Panik) für @lusus_natura

Wörter, die vorkommen müssen: Blaubeere, Aquarium, Kreide


Tatjana saß am Boden vor dem Aquarium und öffnete den Mund, um sich von ihrer Tochter eine Blaubeere in den Mund stecken zu lassen.

Eigentlich mochte sie Blaubeeren nur in Muffins, aber Maya hatte sie davon überzeugt, dass man sie auch ohne den doofen Teig drumrum essen konnte.

Irgendwie amüsierte es sie nach wie vor, dass Maya mit ihren vier Jahren lieber Obst und Gemüse als Süßkram aß. In der Hinsicht war sie definitiv aus der Art geschlagen.

Aber deswegen liebte sie ihre kleine Maus nicht weniger.

“Wo sind denn der Papa und dein Bruder?”, fragte Tatjana Maya und hustete, als eine weitere Beere ohne Vorwarnung samt Kinderhand in ihrem Mund landete.

“Draußen … mit Kreide malen.”, beantwortete Maya die Frage ihrer Mama.

“Wollen wir mal schauen, ob wir mitmachen können?”, fragte sie und stand auf, hielt Maya die Hand entgegen.

Mayas kleine Hand legte sich vertrauensvoll in die ihrer Mama und sie gingen zur Haustür, zogen sich dort Schuhe an und traten dann heraus in die Sommersonne.

Mit einem Lächeln auf den Lippen sah sie Erik und Max auf der Auffahrt knien und mit bunter Kreide ein Aquarium malen.

“Können wir helfen?”, fragte Maya und biss sich auf die Unterlippe.

“Natürlich, Prinzessin.”, sagte Erik.

“Mama, Mama … guck mal.”, rief Max aufgeregt.

Tatjana gab Mayas Hand frei und die kleine Dame rannte so schnell die kurzen Beine sie trugen in Papas Arme, während sie selbst sich neben ihren dreijährigen Spross kniete und ihm zuhörte, wie er ihr aufgeregt erklärte, welche Fische er gemalt hatte.

Ihr Blick flackerte zu Erik hinüber und als ihre Blicke einander trafen, lächelten beide.

Solche Momente waren für sie das vollkommene Glück.


Von Schlabbersäcken und dem Kleinen mit dem Rollkragen

A/N: Der Livestream gestern hat das kleine Autorenäffchen in meinem Hirn Amok laufen lassen und das hier ist dabei rausgekommen. Der Anfang ist noch zitiert aus dem Stream, aber der Rest … ja, der ist frei erfunden und eindeutig nicht Ernst gemeint.




Noch im Livestream kam es zu einer folgenschweren Unterhaltung. Sie hatten gerade den neuen limitierten Merch, weiße Shirts mit Gammalogo, angekündigt, als Jakob einfiel, dass sie noch gar keine Bilder hatten.

Also wandte er sich direkt an Marti, der neben ihm saß. “Kannst du gleich noch n Bild machen? Von mir? Mit T-Shirt?”, fragte er ihn.


Marti reagierte sofort. Seine Augenbrauen wippten kurz auf und ab und er sprach mit dunkler Pornostimme: “Na sicher” Die Aussage an sich versprach Jako schon so viel, dass er kaum an sich halten konnte.

Dennoch reagierte er einigermaßen gefasst und begeistert. “Geil! Mega! Okay … dann hätten wir das auch geklärt.”, sagte er und grinste.

Marti konnte es jedoch nicht auf sich beruhen lassen. “Ich wollte schon immer mal n Bild von dir machen … nur im T-Shirt.” Wieder diese frech wippenden Brauen.

Ein Schauer durchlief Jako und reflexartig drehte er sich ein wenig weg und lachte verschämt.

Andre hingegen bekam endlich mal mit, dass da was lief und fragte einigermaßen verwirrt: “Wat? Nur im T-Shirt?”, während er in Gedanken eskalierte. ‘Aber nicht während ich dabei bin … nich mit mir!!!!’

Marti guckte auf seine Nägel hinab und sagte gedehnt: “Naja~”

Daraufhin kam von Jako ein ‘Huuu’, auf welches er abermals ‘Naja~’ sagte.

“Naja, ja gut …”, murmelte Jako.

Marti grinste leicht, zumindest sah man in seinen Augen den Schalk funkeln, der ihm im Nacken saß. “Siehste unten noch den Schlabbersack so rausgucken.”, sagte er trocken.

Jako verstand was er meinte und begann zu lachen, während er zur Seite guckte.

Andre hingegen wirkte sichtlich verwirrt. “Was für ein Schlabbersack?”, wollte er wissen, erhielt aber keine Antwort auf diese Frage.

Stattdessen bohrte Jako nun minimal empört nach: “Stellst du dir das so vor, Marti? Ja?” Sein Blick verbirgt das Kribbeln in seinem Bauch gut, aber sie funkeln amüsiert.

Marti grinst noch breiter. “Naja … vielleicht kommt der Kleine mit dem Rollkragen auch noch mit aufs Bild”, meint er trocken.

Jako sah mit großen Augen überall hin nur nicht zu Marti, während er beginnt zu lachen. “Marti!”, perlt es irgendwo zwischen streng und entsetzt über seine Lippen.

Marti hält sich kurz die Hand vor die Augen und fragt dann: “Wat is denn?”

“Marti … red dich hier nicht um Kopf und kragen … sagte der Typ, der es tat … seit anderthalb Stunden.”, erwiderte Jako.

Der Rest des Streams verging irgendwie im Flug und schließlich hatten sie sich verabschiedet und waren offline.

Marti blickte Jako mit wippenden Augenbrauen herausfordernd an. “Na, mein Süßer .. willst du?”, fragte er ihn.

“Mooooooooooment! Nicht mit mir!!! Ne … ich bin weg! Tschüss!”, rief Andre hastig dazwischen und hatte seine Jacke und Tasche gepackt und war schneller verschwunden, als die beiden gucken konnten.

Jako lachte amüsiert und blickte Marti an.

“Ist das dein Ernst?”, fragte er ihn nochmal.

Marti nickte leicht. “Ja.”


Es bedarf nicht vieler Worte, um ihn dazu zu bringen zuzustimmen. Jako nahm sich ein passendes Shirt und verschwand mit den Worten: “Ich mach mich kurz frisch” ins Bad.

Tatsächlich wusch er sich den Schweiß des Tages ab und das weiße T-Shirt mit dem roten Gammalogo auf dem Rücken und dem kleinen Fewjar Schriftzug vorn an.

Ansonsten nackt trat er in den Probenraum zurück, zog den Saum reflexartig über seinen Intimbereich, weil er sich doch ein wenig schämte, sich in der ‘Öffentlichkeit’ so zu zeigen.

Gut, nur Marti war hier, aber trotzdem war es ihm ein wenig unangenehm.

Marti wartete geduldig und lächelte beruhigend, als Jako sich endlich aus dem Badezimmer wagte. Er hielt eine der Kameras in den Händen und begann Jako zu fotografieren, bevor diesem das überhaupt bewusst war.

Schließlich poste er auch für ihn und Marti lächelte breiter. Es war schön zu sehen, wie Jako sich ganz in seiner Aufgabe als Modell verlor und vergaß, wie wenig er eigentlich anhatte.

Tatsächlich bekam Marti Jakos Schlabbersack zu sehen, als dieser ihm den Rücken zuwandte und seine Beine dabei leicht gespreizt hatte.

Mit Absicht berührte Jako mit dem Zeigefinger seine Lippen und blickte ihn über seine Schulter hinweg mit dunklem Blick an.

In Martis Hose wurde es deutlich enger und er bedeutete Jako sich herum zudrehen und im selben Moment bekam er dann auch den Kleinen mit dem Rollkragen zu sehen, der unter seinen aufmerksamen Blicken zu wachsen schien und sich ihm schließlich stolz entgegen reckte.

Jakos Wangen waren rot vor Scham, aber Marti schoss noch einige Bilder, legte dann die Kamera zur Seite und setzte sich aufs Sofa.

“Komm her.”, forderte er Jako auf, der zögerlich näher zu seinem Freund trat.

Als Jako vor ihm stand, legten sich Martis Hände auf die knackigen Pobacken und er zog Jako näher zu sich, bis er Nase an Köpfchen mit dem Kleinen mit dem Rollkragen war.

Sein Blick flackerte kurz zu Jako hinauf, der ihn verblüfft ansah, aber nichts sagte. Marti nahm das als Erlaubnis und küsste den Kleinen sanft. Erst direkt oben aufs Köpfchen und dann überschüttete er ihn mit zärtlichen Küssen, leckte schließlich von der Wurzel bis hinauf zum Köpfchen und saugte leicht am Frenulum, bevor er ihn deepthroat nahm.

Jako hielt sich dabei schon an Martis Schultern fest. Seine Beine zitterten vor Anstrengung und er stöhnte tief. Er hätte nie gedacht, dass es so geil wäre von einem seiner Freunde geblasen zu werden.

Martis Hand begann den Schlabbersack zu liebkosen und sacht zu kneten, was Jako noch lauter stöhnen und Marti zufrieden summen ließ.

Dieses Summen war es letztendlich auch, dass Jakob über die Klippe stieß und er kam ohne Vorwarnung in Martis Mund.

Marti schluckte ohne zu murren, leckte Jako noch sauber und löste sich dann mit einem zufriedenen Schmatzen von dem Kleinen mit dem Rollkragen, der nun tatsächlich langsam klein wurde, und lehnte sich zurück.

Er blickte zu Jako hoch, der sich nach einigen Herzschlägen neben ihn auf das Sofa fallen ließ.

“Alter … Marti”, brachte er atemlos hervor.

Marti tätschelte ihm den Oberschenkel. “Gern geschehen.”, sagte er und zwinkerte ihm zu. “Nach dem nächsten Stream kannste dich revanchieren. Ich muss jetzt los.”, sagte er, küsste ihn auf die Wange und verschwand dann ohne ein weiteres Wort aus dem Probenraum, wo er einen mehr als nur befriedigten Jakob zurückließ.